Moving Productivity to the Cloud: Successfully Managing Change

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Zero Trust

Strong Identity Management Provides a Foundation for Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust security is necessary for organisations that have a hybrid working environment. It assumes breach and always verifies before providing access to a user or device. Identity verification and management is a critical piece in this strategy as it helps control access. You need strong authentication, least privilege and access control protocols in place to ensure that only legitimate stakeholders obtain access. Read on to learn why this is important and how to implement it.
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Data in the Cloud

Essential Guide to Data in the Cloud: A DBA’s Handbook

Cloud data migration is necessary for the growth of any business. And as a database manager, it is important that you equip yourself with the skills necessary to move your data to the Cloud and manage it once there. Unlike on-premises database management, you will be doing less maintenance and administration but more optimisation and high-level data architecture. From database programming to relational and non-relational databases, this eBook details everything you need to know.
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Low Code Development

Understanding the impact of low-code development – A guide for IT infrastructure leaders

Can your IT group create new applications fast enough to meet demand? For most organisations today, the answer is ‘No’. An effective way to address this challenge is to let people who aren’t professional developers build applications on their own. These citizen developers can rely on easy-to-use, low-code tools for creating powerful applications. This approach can help your organisation create the software it needs in less time and for less money.

6 reasons it’s time to move your office apps to the cloud

Is your organisation keeping up with software and application trends?

Each and every business has always relied on certain technology specific to its industry. For a long time, this meant large investments in on-premises hardware, software and servers. Thus, changing platforms or updating technology has been considered a complicated and costly process, which many businesses put off doing. While Cloud-based solutions address many of these challenges there is a lot of misinformation about what it means to work in the Cloud and how to move to a Cloud-based productivity solution.

Digital Transformation Lessons

8 Real-World Digital Transformation Lessons

Adaptability and resilience are business advantages even in the best of times. When things get tough, they can mean the difference between thriving, surviving or struggling. The recent crisis proves that digital transformation is foundational to success in a changing world. Digital transformation is enabling organizations to keep people connected to the tools they use to get work done from almost anywhere. It is also enabling them to rapidly implement and scale new capabilities as customer needs and market opportunities evolve.
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Moving productivity to the cloud

What you need to know to successfully manage change in your organization

Hybrid working has become the norm and that makes it imperative to move your infrastructure to the cloud to improve collaboration. The key, however, is to integrate the cloud productivity platform seamlessly into your organization without hampering productivity during the transition. And this significant move would require a thorough change management strategy in place, which has to start right from the executive and needs to take into account the perspectives of every department. Download our free e-book to learn about a four-phase plan for a seamless and successful transition.
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Beyond CRM

Complete guide to driving sales revenue and reducing costs

Rising costs and inaccurate sales forecasts pose a major hindrance to your business profitability. A simple CRM solution is not enough. Keeping your sales and marketing teams separate is no longer an option. In a world where remote selling has become the norm, you need to give your tech stack an upgrade to help your team generate more sales while reducing costs. It’s equally critical to unify your sales and marketing.

Easy. Low-code. Fast. Cost-effective.

Imagine the scenario… two-thirds of app development in the next three years will happen using low-code tools, saving developers time and money. Add to this the fact that organisations are quickly moving to a hybrid or remote working model. This calls for the need to develop and use powerful collaborative tools that can help your team work well. Get this whitepaper to understand how to build custom web and mobile apps in a matter of hours and solve your business challenges quickly and inexpensively!


A modern workforce requires integrated, identity-driven security

As organizations shift to a hybrid or remote working model, cybersecurity protocols need a relook. Employees accessing assets from unsecured networks add vulnerabilities to your security model and make it easy for cybercriminals to infiltrate through it. The perimeter-based security approach just does not make the cut in this case. The solution lies in the integrated identity-driven security model.